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Purifying water contaminated with cholera

Protecting oneself from the Cholera epidemic gripping Zimbabwe and parts of South Africa is no easy task.
Remember Cholera does not come from drinking water alone, if one touches any contaminated water and your hand enters your mouth you can get cholera. Eating food prepared in water contaminated is another major factor. Eating shell fish which have inhabited water contaminated will also result in contamination.

Boiling water is relatively effective as treatment for the removal of Cholera; we see a number of ill informed posts commenting about boiling drinking water and washing ones hands as the perfect cure for all your water purification which is incorrect.

We have 2 units which are suitable for the purification of water containing cholera; the first however is not suitable for prolonged exposure to water contaminated with cholera.

In other words, it will successfully purify your water for a period of time but its performance will gradually deter ate with prolonged exposure to contaminated water. Should the water not remain contaminated for these long periods it would not be a problem but we are talking epidemic water contamination.

This leaves one with the only trusted and reliable purification of water containing cholera.

That is our  “Pure” 3 Stage UV Light System.

*Please note we are refering to cases of severe cholera contaminated water.

This will continue to effectively purify your drinking water, even with prolonged exposure to contaminated water. We are so confident of this we are happy to drink known cholera contaminated water once filtered through our Pure water 3 stage UV purifier to prove this.

We'll arrange delivery of this unit through out South Africa and recommend it to all those interested in the ultimate water filtration and water purification system for home or office, yourself as well as those important to you.

Pure Water South Africa

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